File No: 479/WBHRC/Com/13-14

Reported manhandling and confinement of Mr. Nure Alam Chowdhury,
M.I.C., A.R.D., Govt. of West Bengal at Rampurahat,
Birbhum and police action thereon.


This is a case of reported manhandling by an irate mob on Mr. Nure Alam Chowdhury, M.I.C., A.R.D., Govt. of West Bengal and also his reported confinement in Asleha Women’s College at Rampurahat for a number of hours in presence of the police and RAF. Considering the seriousness of the allegations reported in the newspaper ‘Eai Samoy’ published on 2nd September, 2013, the Commission took a suo-motu cognizance on the matter and directed the Superintendent of Police, Birbhum for enquiry and report within two weeks. Pursuant to the direction, the S.P. submitted a detailed enquiry report vide memo. no. 7302E dated 11.12.13 which was put up before the Commission. The Commission perused the enquiry report of S.P., Birbhum which clearly establishes that the Civil & Police Administration of the district took proper action to rescue the Hon’ble M.I.C.

As the appropriate measure has already been taken by the concerned authorities, the Commission does not feel it required to go for further actions.     

                                                                         Special Secretary
West Bengal Human Rights Commission